Akshar Textile Mills (ATM) was established by three different age group partners which are active in the textile sector in raw, printed and dyed fabric sales field through their sales branches in Gujarat and Karnataka. Our company carries out its production at knitting factory in Chattral- Gujarat with annual capacity of 1500 Tons.

Knitting Section

Our Knitting Machines are latest computer assisted K-Series 4 track with High Speed controls of 2022 Make.

  • We can make Knitted fabric with Selvedges
  • knitting capacity : per day 5000 Kgs
1. Textile Expertise:

One of our key partners Shri OmPrakash Bhaiya a seasoned expert in textile Market. His enduring relationships with textile manufacturers worldwide have made him a trusted figure in the industry. He is the bridge between the past and the future of textile sourcing, ensuring that the Akshar Textile Mills incorporate the best of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology.

2. Financial Acumen

Our team also includes a financial expert Mr. Varun Patel who brings a sharp financial acumen to the table. With a keen eye for investments and cost-effective operations, this partner ensures the sustainability and growth of our venture. Through careful financial management, we aim to maintain competitiveness while delivering value to our customers.

3. Marketing Visionary

Last but not least Mr. Kaushik Patel, our marketing partner is a visionary in the field. With a finger on the pulse of consumer trends and an eye for innovative marketing strategies, they lead our efforts to promote Akshar Textile Mills and the exquisite textiles we create. Their insights ensure that our products resonate with a wide range of consumers across the globe.

Our Products

Burn out single jersey fabrics

cotton single jersey fabrics

French terry fabrics

Grey melange fabrics


Lycra single jersey fabrics

Weft knitted fabrics

French terry slub fabrics